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Spare parts kits


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During the use of one of the adsorbers, the desiccant is aerated and entrains the humidity to adsorb more humidity. If the drying agent is completely dyed, this inclusion should be sufficient. The wear parts are etched. In a disposable adsorber we swapped the entire adsorber, or cartridge.

This is the most convenient of the use. In the case of a refillable adsorber, a replacement partial package or even only the desiccant can be inserted. The replacement part package contains all seals, the particulate filter, the activated charcoal layer and other components and can also be used after 4 - 5 swap cycles if required.


  • Hydraulic units
  • Gears
  • Storage tanks
  • Barrels & IBC


Adsorber parts

Wechsel Adsorberteil


GIEBEL Adsorber® Adsorber parts







1. Switch off the system

2. Remove the adsorber by opening the closing clips

3. Insert new O-ring between receiving part and adsorber part

4. If necessary clean the lower foam disc with compressed air

5. Place new adsorber part on the receiving part and close the clamps



Spare parts packages

Wechsel Ersatzteilpaket


GIEBEL Adsorber® Spare parts packages







1. Switch off the system

2. Remove the Adsorberteils by opening the closing clips

3. Open the lid and remove it from the adsorber part

4. Remove seal in cover and replace with new one

5. Remove activated carbon disc and empty desiccant

6. Pull out the dust filter

7. Also empty the lower foam disc

8. Insert new foam disc

9. Insert new dust filter and then add fresh desiccant (When filling the desiccant with a soft object (eg palm), lightly beat against the body to compact the bed

10. Insert new activated carbon disc and then close the lid again

11. Replace o-rings between receiving part and adsorber part

12. If necessary clean the lower foam disc with compressed air

13. Replace the adsorber part on the receiving part and close the clamps


SilicagelV4 DE EN

Silicagel DE EN

GIEBEL Adsorber® Silicagel







Silica gels are the most commonly used desiccants and consist of 99% silicon dioxide (SiO2). For in aeration dryers for aeration of hydraulic power units, gearboxes, storage tanks, transformers, etc., the silica gel is orange-green due to the high water absorption capacity of up to about 40% of the dry mass, a simple regeneration in the furnace, a safe handling and the good High contrast color indicator is the most suitable drying agent.

With a granule size of 2-5 mm, the pressure build-up is very large, and also the gap volume optimal to ensure a very good contact of the water molecules to the silica gel surface to ge. Is achieved with a properly designed adsorber dew points of up to -40 ° C.Depending on the selection of the color indicator in the silica gel, the drying cycles and the maintenance interval of an adsorber can be influenced. The maintenance interval can be selected to a decreasing air drying and a long maintenance interval.



  Technical Data Sheet

  Technical Data Sheet


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