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Protection of environment & plant

 AdsorberVV D Refresh

Symbol G CycleProtect your plant effectively against moisture and act sustainably - both is possible with GIEBEL adsorbers. In the technical conception of GIEBEL adsorbers we pursue the goal of avoiding large quantities of waste. We not only think sustainably, we also act sustainably. At GIEBEL, the protection of environmental resources begins with the avoidance of (production) waste and the recycling of different materials within our company. We want to further develop sustainability. Our G-Cycle service makes an important contribution to this. In the G-Cycle we successfully recycle parts of the housing of adsorbers, so there is no additional plastic waste that pollutes the environment.

We offer you various possibilities for sustainable action. The use of a refillable adsorber from GIEBEL, whose wear parts can be replaced cost-effectively on site at your plant at any time. Or: The use of a GIEBEL disposable adsorber of the series VV-DV. Simply return the specially marked G-Cycle cartridge to us, GIEBEL FilTec GmbH, and you will immediately receive a freshly reconditioned adsorber cartridge for immediate use in your plant.

We currently offer our new Service G-Cycle only for the adsorber series VV-DV. 






Symbol G Cycle No maintenance effort - cartridge replacement simply on site
Symbol G Cycle Less expensive for the same benefit - a new G-Cycle cartridge is cheaper than a completely new one 
 Symbol G Cycle Sustainable protection of the environment - by avoiding additional plastic waste and recycling
 Symbol G Cycle Contribution to environmental management system (ISO 14001) - G-Cycle makes a valuable contribution to your internal environmental management




COST - Cheaper than new purchase


Our GIEBEL G-Cycle cartridges in mint condition are available for the price of a spare parts kit. Convince yourself and compare them in our Online-Shop

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Functionality G-Cycle


1. mount the saturated cartridge from the system 

2. sending to us: address GIEBEL FilTec GmbH or ordering the collection (collection order in German language for 12,50€ (up to 25kg)

3. at the same time we will send you an already recycled G-Cycle cartridge.

4. the cartridge received from you will be part of the G-Cycle and if necessary stored with us or sent to other GIEBEL G-Cycle customers.



Flanschadapter 550x315  ->  G Cycle Versandbox pixabay  ->  Flanschadapter Praxisbsp 550x315  ->  G Cycle Giebel Lagerbestand







1. your GIEBEL Adsorber must not show any damage to the housing.

2. Only the wearing parts, such as silica gel, filters, seals, etc. may be worn

3. Your GIEBEL adsorber pack carefully against transport damage and send it to our address in Bretzfeld.


You will receive an offer on the same day
We are happy to advise you on short notice via video or
realize a personal appointment within one week.
You will receive a standard GIEBEL Adsorber within a week.

Carl-Zeiss-Str. 5 | 74626 Bretzfeld | Germany
Phone: +49 79 46 94 44 01-0