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Gearbox in the suger Industry

Data to the plant:

  • Use Adsorber from 12l free volume
  • Adsorber possible outdoors
  • 100 Gears in use
  • Standstill corrosion no longer occurs with adsorber application
  • campaign from September to december

Sugar beets based on sugar beet and sugar cane are produced using GIEBEL adsorbers. Carefully designed ventilation dryers are dimensioned to save space.

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 Südzucker Rain Getriebe DV 310 MA 2  Südzucker Rain Getriebe DV 310 MA 23

Hydraulic unit at an Injection molding machine


  • Building year: 2002
  • Closing force: 31.500 kN
  • Oil type: Mobil DTE 25
  • Tank volume: 6.000 Liter
  • Cycle time: 98 to 120 sec.
  • Number of cycles: 720 to 881 per day

To prevent condensation damage in May 2014 GIEBEL adsorber of type DUO-VARIO 560-PA were assembled at several plastic injection molding machines with servo hydraulics. Not only the high acquisition and maintenance costs of the plant, but also the high number of cycles and thus the load of the hydraulic oil with moist air have moved to implement this measure.

The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the added value of a ventilation dryer to hydraulic units. The water content in the oil has fallen steadily after the assembly of the adsorber.



Hydraulic Power Pack Injection molding machine  Hydraulic Power Pack Injection molding machine Hydraulic


Inspection date

Hydraulic unit in a wheel rolling mill

Objectives: Prevention of condensation and permanently good oil quality

Water and dirt particles are 80% the cause of damages in hydraulic systems, gears and bearings. In many industrial companies extremely environments are everyday followers and sources of high costs.

In July 2013, a GIEBEL Adsorber® was mounted on a hydraulic unit in a German wheel rolling mill, together with a 600l fresh oil filling.

During a 4-month observation period, the oil was checked monthly for contamination and, in particular water content in a laboratory. During this time the hydraulic unit was used unchanged and operated continuously. It was exposed to the usual influence conditions in a rolling mill without restrictions.

The result speaks for itself: No water in the oil! The amount of water absorbed was unchanged over the entire period and the oil quality was on fresh oil level! However, the previous year's figures, without GIEBEL Adsorber®, point out a significant difference.

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Hydraulic Power Pack Wheel rolling mill Oil  Hydraulic Power Pack Wheel rolling mill Water content


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