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Transformer in a research institute

Transformer data:

  • Power: 31,5 MVA
  • Schließkraft: 31.500 kN
  • Oil volume: 19 to.
  • Outdoor installation

On a 31.5 MVA transformer at a research institute a GIEBEL Adsorber DUO-VARIO TB 550-PA was assembled in August 2012. The previous conventional dehumidifier size L3 has been replaced. Since the mounting of the adsorber, the oil was tested at various time intervals and analyzed in a laboratory. Since the the beginning of using the GIEBEL Adsorber two positive results have set in.

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Transformer laboratory  Transformer Adsorber


Transmission in the Weir

Transmission data:

  • 4x Gearbox with an age of about 20 years
  • Oil volume in the gearbox
  • Cycle every 2 hours
  • Influence of sun and weather indirectly present
  • Long downtimes, less frequent operation

Weir systems provide sufficient water depth in rivers and canals to allow shipping. Furthermore, weirs allow a slower flow rate of the water, which makes riverbeds and bridge piers less flushed or undermined.

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 Transmission in the Weir Intervals  Transmission in the Weir Laboratory 


Oil mist separator on a hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic data:

  • Operation: continuous use
  • Hydraulic tank with 50-70 l oil volume
  • Hydraulic oil HLP46 mineral oil
  • Oil exchange volume: 35l / min in the circulation
  • Oil temperature 50-60 degrees

Hydraulic power units are used in oil circulation lubrication systems. These systems cool and lubricate bearings and gearboxes. Particularly in the case of large or high-speed transmissions in which a high temperature load is present due to the rotational speed or ambient temperature, oil circulation lubrication offers advantages. The oil in the circuit is removed from the hydraulic tank and returned again.

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   Hydraulic Power Packs Oil Mist Seperator  Hydraulic Power Packs Oil Mist Seperator Oil Particles


Gearbox in the suger Industry

Data to the plant:

  • Use Adsorber from 12l free volume
  • Adsorber possible outdoors
  • 100 Gears in use
  • Standstill corrosion no longer occurs with adsorber application
  • campaign from September to december

Sugar beets based on sugar beet and sugar cane are produced using GIEBEL adsorbers. Carefully designed ventilation dryers are dimensioned to save space.

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 Südzucker Rain Getriebe DV 310 MA 2  Südzucker Rain Getriebe DV 310 MA 23

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