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As of 01.06.2019, you can check prices in our new webshop at, check delivery times and of course order our GIEBEL adsorbers and desiccants.

48With the help of a selection overview you can select the right standard adsorber according to your requirements. All items listed in the shop are "48h Stars" and will be shipped shortly.


In our new blog GIEBEL blog you will find all the information about the ventilation drying, desiccants and technical papers about "water in oil". In addition to extensive presentations, video tutorials, test reports and theoretical papers are also provided for you.

Food Conformity

We offer a food-compliant solution for the use of ventilation driers on systems that can come into contact with food. GIEBEL adsorbers can be produced with EC Declaration of Conformity for materials in contact with food.

LABS free and silicone free

Lacquer wetting impinging substances (LABS) can cause coating defects even in very small quantities, and thus impair the quality of the coating. For this reason, all standard GIEBEL adsorbers are LABS-free and silicone-free. The use on equipment in the paint industry is thus fully possible.

Short delivery times


From 01/01/2019 we offer faster service and shorter delivery times. For our 48h-Stars, we guarantee a shipment of the items within 48 hours, so you can use your original GIEBEL Adsorber® within a few days.

These items are labeled with the 48h-Star. The overviews can be found on our website at

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