GIEBEL Absorber für Tankanlagen

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Storage tanks

getriebeHumidity air results in cooling tanks for condensate and thus to considerable degradation of the substance contained. For example, biological fuels create bacteria, algae, mildew and sulfuric acid by moisture thats leading to the destruction of the tank. For the ventilation of tanks GIEBEL has developed special tank vent dryer. Humidity air is dried and filtered.

The tank can breathe and dry supply air ensures a constant quality of the storage medium. With the right accessories also without vapor return during the filling, overpressure can be successfully avoided.

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Storage tanks without Adsorber

For e.g. biological fuels are forming bacteria, algae and mildew. Isocyanate crystallizes and sulfuric acid will cause free sulfuric acid.

Problem - condensation

Storage tanks with Adsorber

Dry and clean air → protection without reducing the quality!

Solution - usage of GIEBEL Adsorbers®




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VARIO PA R Refillable cartridge Storage tanks
DVr 516x1054
The GIEBEL disposable adsorbers of the VARIO PA-D series have a sturdy aluminum valve part and a disposable replacement cartridge. The handling is very simple, it will only open the latches and the entire cartridge can be changed.
Adsorber Details DV PA R
VARIO MA Hydraulic fluids Storage tanks
VArio MA 546x1050
The VARIO MA adsorbers consist of an aluminum housing with valve part and are used for aeration of aggressive substances or for use in harsh environments. The VARIO MA series can be used according to the ATEX product guideline 2014/34 / EU in Zone II 2 G / D IIC T4.
Adsorber Details DV MA
VARIO ME Offshore Hydraulic tanks Storage tanks
Vario ME 512x952 2
The premium adsorbers VARIO ME are made entirely of A4 stainless steel. With the likewise separate valve part and a high amount of desiccant can also large hydraulic tanks, be vented with a high pendulum volume in offshore use. The use according to the ATEX product guideline 2014/34 / EU in the zone II 2 G / D IIC T4 is possible as well as after the corrosiveness category C5-M.
Adsorber Details DV ME




VENTILATION SYSTEM Gas recirculation Storage tanks
If a tank is filled without gas recirculation, the air must be able to escape unhindered from the tank. This ensures the ventilation system. This way, there is no overpressure in the tank.
accessories en EBS
 WALL MOUNT Screw on version Hanging design Storage tanks
The wall bracket is suitable for flexible installation of GIEBEL adsorbers with limited space available on the system. As a screw-on version for concrete walls, with clamping claws for steel girders or as a suspension version for grids or fences, no conversion measures are necessary on the system to use an adsorber.
accessories en wall mount
BYPASS ADAPTER Exhaust air flows storage tanks
Bypassadapter 2
The bypass adapter allows targeted control of the supply and exhaust air flows. The incoming air into the system is dried by a GIEBEL adsorber.
accessories en Bypassadapter
 PROTECTION ADAPTER Filter Storage tanks
Schutzadapter LAger
By using a protective adapter to monitor a GIEBEL adsorber, an optical or electronic signal is transmitted if the negative pressure is too high. This makes it possible to see whether a filter needs to be replaced.

accessories en Protectionadapter


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