GIEBEL Absorber für Getriebe

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getriebeTemperature variations between operation and standstill, the volume of air is constantly changing in a transmission. Sucked, moist ambient air reduces the service life of a gear oil significantly. Furthermore, leads moisture in the housing to corrosion with particle abrasion and thus damage to the transmission.

Good gear ventilation filters prevent the entry of humidity in the "breathing" of the transmission. GIEBEL Adsorber® are special gear ventilation Water filters for ventilation. So this breathing dryers are used for example in coastal areas, offshore, in tropical regions, and underground with success. 

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Gear without an Adsorber

Particles and water are the main reason for malfunctions and damage in gears and bearings.

Gear without an Adsorber




Gear with an GIEBEL Adsorber®



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VENT PA D Valves Gears
VV 532x926VENT PA-D
The GIEBEL adsorbers of the VENT PA-D series are cost-effective solutions with and without valves. This fulfills important requirements and ensures efficient use.
 Adsorber Details VV PA D
VENT PA R Plastic valves Gears
vv PA R 556x962VENT PA-R
The refillable desiccant filters VENT PA-R can also be equipped with or without plastic valves. By the possibility to exchange the desiccant and wear parts, these adsorbers have low operating costs.
Adsorber Details VV PA R
VARIO PA Disposable cartridge Gears
DV 484x946
The GIEBEL series VARIO PA-D has a sturdy aluminum valve part and a disposable exchange cartridge. The handling is very simple, it will only open the latches and the entire cartridge can be changed.
Adsorber Details DV PA D
VARIO PA R Refillable cartridge Gears
DVr 516x1054
The GIEBEL adsorbers of the VARIO PA-R series are high-quality ventilation dryers with an aluminum valve part and a refillable cartridge. The desiccant and all wearing parts can be exchanged very easily.
Adsorber Details DV PA R
VARIO MA Aluminum casing Gears
VArio MA 546x1050
The VARIO MA adsorbers consist of an aluminum housing with valve part and are used for aeration of aggressive substances or for use in harsh environments. These adsorbers are filled with up to 10 kg desiccant and can be used for aeration of SKYDROL, brake fluids DOT4.
Adsorber Details DV MA
 VARIO ME Offshore Hydraulic tank Gears
Vario ME 512x952 2
The premium adsorbers VARIO ME are made entirely of A4 stainless steel. With the likewise separate valve part and can be ventilated even for very large gearboxes, with a high air exchange in offshore use.
Adsorber Details DV ME
 VARIO VG PA D Activated carbon Gears
VG 456x944
The GIEBEL disposable adsorbers of the VARIO VG PA-D series are oil mist separators and are used both for the adsorption of oil mist and for air drying. Through the combination of impeller, oil dewater a high amount of activated carbon, the outflowing air is cleaned from gearboxes.
Adsorber Details VG PA R
 VARIO VG PA R Activated carbon Hydraulic tanks Gears
VGR 448x932
The GIEBEL reusable adsorbers of the VARIO VG PA-R series are oil mist separators and are used both for the adsorption of oil mist and for air drying. Through the combination of impeller, oil dewater a high amount of activated carbon, the outflowing air is cleaned from gearboxes.
Adsorber Details VG PA D
 HSECURE Hydrophobe Membran Gears


The filters of the HSECURE series are a special solution for the anhydrous aeration of smaller gearboxes. A hydrophobic membrane repels drops of water and fog and protects the gearbox from water during breathing.
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 OIL SEPERATOR Oil mist escapes Gears
By using an oil mist separator, a GIEBEL adsorber is protected from contamination by larger oil particles. Used on systems with a high oil mist outlet, the proportion of evaporating oil particles is reduced with the oil separator and the air is cooled down.
accessories en OSD
 WALL MOUNT Steel beams Gears
Wandahlterung WALL MOUNT
The wall bracket is suitable for the flexible installation of GIEBEL adsorbers with limited space available on the system. As a screw-on version for concrete walls, with clamping claws for steel girders or as a suspension version for grids or fences, no conversion measures are necessary on the system to use an adsorber.
accessories en wall mount
MOUNTING TUBE Air drying Gears
Montagerohr D
The mounting pipes facilitate the use of a GIEBEL adsorber if the adsorber can not be mounted due to its diameter.
accessories en Mounting tube
ADAPTER Male thread Gears
For flexible mounting of a GIEBEL adsorber all common adapters are offered. Whether with male or female threads and mixed shapes, as well as all materials (such as aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene, nylon, etc.), these adapters meet all the requirements of the respective plant.
accessories en Adapter
BYPASSADAPTER Inflowing air Gears
Bypassadapter 2BYPASS ADAPTER
The bypass adapter allows targeted control of the supply and exhaust air flows. The incoming air into the system is dried by a GIEBEL adsorber.
accessories en Bypassadapter
 SCHUTZADAPTER Elektronisches Signal Getriebe
Schutzadapter 4
By using a protective adapter to monitor a GIEBEL adsorber, an optical or electronic signal is transmitted if the negative pressure is too high. This makes it possible to see whether a filter needs to be replaced.

accessories en Protectionadapter


 Winkeladapter 1.3 3
Winkeladapter ANGLE ADAPTER
The use of an elbow adapter makes it possible to mount a GIEBEL adsorber on a horizontal barrel and, when space is limited, on hydraulic power packs and gears. This is achieved, for example, by a horizontal or offset installation. The GIEBEL Adsorber can thus be aligned in the desired direction and fixed with the counter nut.
accessories en elbowadapter


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