GIEBEL Absorber für Fässer & IBC

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Barrels & IBC

getriebeIn the storage and processing of substances in barrels and IBC containers moist air is attracted from the environment. This humidity contaminate the stored media. For example, it comes with isocyanate to crystallize, oils are saturated with water and biological fuels forming bacteria and mud. For the protection of hygroscopic substances in drums and IBC's various respiratory dryers GIEBEL can be used.

Whether vertical or horizontal drums, whether plastic or stainless steel IBCs, whether container breathing or active substance removal, a rectly set Drum aeration filter ensures clean and dry air supply.

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Barrels & IBC without Adsorber

By the inflow of moist air for e.g. isocyanate will crystallize, oil will be saturated with water and biological fuels will form bacteria and mud.

Problem - condensation

Barrels & IBC with Adsorber

Dry and clean air → protection without reducing the quality!

Solution - usage of GIEBEL Adsorbers®


  • GIEBEL Referenzkunde Baehr GmbH
  • GIEBEL Referenzkunde Bosch Rexroth
  • GIEBEL Referenzkunde Clemco
  • GIEBEL Referenzkunde eon
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VENT PA D Complete saturation cartridge Barrels IBC
VV 532x926VENT PA-D
The GIEBEL adsorbers of the VENT PA-D series are cost-effective solutions. The handling is very easy, because after complete saturation, the entire cartridge is exchanged within a few minutes.
Adsorber Details VV PA D
VENT PA R Dry medium filter Plastic valve Barrels IBC
vv PA R 556x962VENT PA-R
The refillable desiccant filters VENT PA-R can also be equipped with or without plastic valves. By the possibility to exchange the desiccant and wear parts, these adsorbers have low operating costs.
Adsorber Details VV PA R
VENT MA Vollaluminum NBR FKM Barrels IBC
The all-aluminium VENT MA series is robust yet easy to use. Due to the high resistance, available with NBR, FKM or EPDM gaskets, it is used for many substances.
Adsorber Details VENT MA





SUCTION LANCE Barrel pump barrel Barrels IBC
With the use of a suction lance, a drum pump can be connected and the substance can be removed from a steel drum very easily directly from the bottom of the drum. The simultaneous use of a GIEBEL adsorber dries the inflowing air and protects the drum contents from atmospheric moisture.
 accessories en lance
 WINKELADAPTER Gewinde Kontermutter Fässer IBC
The use of an elbow adapter makes it possible to mount a GIEBEL adsorber on a horizontal barrel and, when space is limited, on hydraulic power packs and gears. This is achieved, for example, by a horizontal or offset installation. The GIEBEL Adsorber can thus be aligned in the desired direction and fixed with the counter nut.
accessories en elbowadapter
BYPASS ADAPTER Inflowing air Barrels IBC
Bypassadapter 2
The bypass adapter allows targeted control of the supply and exhaust air flows. The incoming air into the system is dried by a GIEBEL adsorber.
accessories en Bypassadapter
IBC LID Threaded sleeve Respiratory dryer Barrels IBC
To assemble a GIEBEL adsorber on an IBC container, the appropriate lid can be used. Available in nominal sizes 150 and 225, the matching threaded sleeve for the breathing dryer is integrated.
accessories en IBC
WALL MOUNT Screw on version Barrels IBC
Wandhalterung IBc
The wall bracket is suitable for the flexible installation of GIEBEL adsorbers with limited space available on the system. As a screw-on version for concrete walls, with clamping claws for steel girders or as a suspension version for grids or fences, no conversion measures are necessary on the system to use an adsorber.

accessories en wall mount


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